Martial Arts and the age of the Keyboard Warrior

Martial Art forums and Facebook groups are a great way to share knowledge between fellow practitioners and discuss various Martial Art topics but the behaviour of a lot of the users on these online groups often fall short of the ideals of Budo and what it means to be a Martial Artist.

Constructive criticism is essential in how we progress as Martial Artists, we must be open to learning from others who are better than ourselves, BUT i’ve seen so many negative comments online on Martial Art groups that are from people who provide ZERO constructive criticism and proceed to only bash on the person in the video, even personal remarks….this is not the way of a Martial Artist.

A lot of the negative comments clearly come from people who are jealous and sad individuals. If you’re one of those people who bait users into responding by posting negative messages about people etc then you would be classified as a classic TROLL. Degrading others and trolling is not the way of being a Martial Artist.

Many people online are so quick to judge in a negative manner.
If you want to give constructive criticism, which is absolutely acceptable, then make a video of yourself detailing why and what you think the person is doing wrong and how they can proceed to fix their techniques etc, and if you can’t do the technique better than the person you’re criticising then don’t say anything!!

You MUST CLEARLY be able to demonstrate the technique you’re criticising in a much more advanced way than the Martial Artist you are criticising (perform the move with more technique,speed,accuracy,agility,strength etc)

I’v experienced quite a lot of hate on quite a few of my videos, the hate i receive usually comes in some in-depth post about how much better they are and how they would beat me up…. every negative comment i’ve ever received are from people who never post what they can do and NEVER show their techniques…. I wonder why? hmmmm 😉


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