How to achieve your goals in Martial Arts and how setting goals relates to improved performance!

If you have no idea where you are going with your training and the outcomes then you are bound to get lost along the way and stop progressing.
There are very specific guidelines that people should follow to make sure that your goals are going to positively impact your performance. Create a goal map, focus on the process and WRITE IT DOWN!
The majority of Martial Artists, professional and recreational have goals that indicate what they want to achieve, for example to punch faster, be able to kick higher, generate more power etc . These types of goals are longterm goals. What is more important though is understanding how you will achieve these outcomes. By having short term goals, you will then help yourself achieve the longterm goals that you desire and are striving for.

Outcome goals only relate to the “end result” you desire. Many Martial Artists only set outcome goals, but it is very valuable to also set these process goals. Goals that relate to the process of your training and performance in your Martial Art.
Process goals are very important, they help you stay very focused on the process of your training and performance. Process goals tend to be more under a persons control rather than outcome goals (for example, focusing on correct technique as opposed to how powerful the technique should be). By setting these process goals you can then place yourself on an easier path to achieving your outcome goals!

Don’t just think about your goals , write them down!!!! By writing your long-term goals it helps keep you focused on where and what you are striving to be. Write down your immediate short-term goals as well, these short term goals will tell you the steps that you will need to take to get you to your desired outcome. Also try and evaluate your progress towards your goal as much as possible. Once you have achieved your short term goal, then progress and move on to the next step, this is absolutely critical in achieving your long- term goals.

It is so very easy to get side- tracked and get stuck along the process of achieving your goals and lose sight of where you want to be.


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