The benefits of filming yourself and how much of a POWERFUL training tool it is for a Martial Artist

We all know watching videos of the best people is a lot of fun and is super motivating! We as humans like to fantasise being like the people we look up to, but if we watch too much of them too often and not enough of ourselves then it will cause us to perform similar to them rather than the way we perform the techniques the way our body works (as our bodies are all different the way they move even though similar). There’s literally zero chance of emulating someone who’s physically different. A person who’s 5’7 cannot move like someone who’s 6’7 and vice versa.

Filming yourself is a very powerful and wonderful tool for self analysis! When it’s combined with mental imagery it helps improve your techniques and tactics. It also benefits you greatly by watching footage of ourselves as it helps to clearly understand and see what you need to work on. We can learn a great deal by watching high level Martial Artists. Video is an excellent form of mental imagery that can help you generate the visual image and feeling of you performing at your best!!! It can also help keep you mentally sharp which allows you to develop your Martial Art skills when you’re not training every day, are busy or have an injury etc

There can be a downside to filming that we must be aware of though. It is very easy to ONLY focus on the mistakes that we make. If you watch your mistakes, you can learn from and correct them which is excellent, but if we are only watching our mistakes all the time then it ingrains a negative image and feeling into your mind that you’re technique i s bad, it is exactly the same way the body ingrains bad technique when you’re physically training and this will establish bad technique into your mind and body. It would be best to watch around 70% or so of footage you think is good and the 30% to analyse what’s wrong etc, this allows your body to soak up positive images and feelings of how our body works. It’s so easy to obsess over every little detail though like our body position or movement etc We can easily lose sight of what is really important if we film too much, the feeling of just purely practicing.

Many people watch other Martial Artists online and never film and analyse themselves, why is this? I find a lot of Martial Artists dislike filming themselves and i’m not sure why? is it fear of judging  themselves too harshly and others judging them? I highly recommend videoing  oneself to become a better technical Martial Artist.

Filming is an excellent tool and should not be dismissed!



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