The strive for perfectionism in Martial Arts – The unattainable goal and the paradox of perfectionism!

Is it ever really possible to be 100% ‘perfect’? 

There is no perfect definition to what perfection truly is, especially when it comes to Martial Arts, we are constantly trying to perfect our techniques

Many people think of perfectionism as something that is very positive and it is often seen as the pursuit of excellence, setting high standards, working hard and challenging one’s self. Many people have good reasons for being perfectionists and they may even say that perfectionism allows them to be more efficient and more organised, or prepared for anything! and by setting goals and having high standards may help us achieve what we want  in life but sometimes these standards all too often get in the way of our happiness and can actually impair our performance.

The very extreme drive to achieve more advanced and exceptional levels of performance is self-defeating as it leaves us with very little chance of meeting our goals and feeling good about oneself. This kind of pressure is more likely to cause ourselves to feel constantly on edge, tense, and stressed out all the time!

Perfectionism can also make our self worth more notably bare as not reaching the (possibly unachievable) standards we set for oneself may result in making us feel like a complete failure and loser and feel like we are persistently failing. Pursuing these personal demanding standards can have a significant impact on our wellbeing, and can lead to a lot of frustration, worry, social isolation, depression.


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