Self-analysis to progress as a Martial Artist

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link”

Practicing your favourite techniques and feeling the snap of your kick, the accuracy and power from them is an amazing feeling! BUT we can get so caught up in focusing on our strong points that we become blind to other areas of skill that can be improved. As Martial Artists we must have a diverse set of skills,

It’s definitely tempting to focus on all the progress we make in the areas that come easiest and ignore those that are hard. As Martial Artists we must face and develop our weaknesses to become our strengths rather than trying to cover them up with our strengths.

We should definitely not neglect our strengths though as it will often be that our favourite punch,kick,submission etc that we have trained so hard on will usually give us the win yet if fighting in a sport environment then our favourite technique/s could be our downfall as the opponent would have prepared for those certain techniques.

Also practicing our strengths so often can make them weaker by injuring ourselves due to repeating the movements over and over and causing imbalances in the body because our weaknesses are undeveloped.

Art by Mariusz Szmerdt



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