There’s many Traditional/Classical Martial Artists who believe that MMA guys would not survive on the street because there moves aren’t “LETHAL” enough. The idea that MMA is lacking lethality is crazy!! Some actually believe they can fight without ever fighting. I love Traditional Martial Arts for all the many discoveries, body and minds unique development but NOT for putting things together in an honest and tested way for the goal of protecting one self.

The idea that MMA doesn’t teach you how to safely handle multiple attackers is extremely bizarre. Many traditional Martial Artists simply don’t understand or refuse to concede that their personal training is not at the level they think it’s at. The conditioning for typical MMA gyms goes beyond what a fair majority of Martial Artists are prepared for.

The intensity of training goes beyond what “traditional” training extends to also.
We have to remember that there is no moral or philosophical time spent on the mat of an MMA gym. You are there to learn a technique from a Coach or Instructor who has dedicated time and years to the study of the art. Yes, they teach techniques that would be ill-advised for self-defense but there is no magic button combination that only works in one-on-one but not against multiple attackers. There is no magic technique that defeats multiple opponents but not the one in front of you.

You don’t even have to like MMA to see how it has had a positive effect on all Traditional Martial Arts by cutting the fat from the bone with Traditional Martial Artists who claim to have no-hit knock outs and anti-grappling techniques and those who practice, drill, and spar, utilizing Kata as an afterthought for their training.

If your trying to say that someone like a professional Muay Thai fighter couldn’t kick someone in the balls better than a street defence or Kung Fu guy because he competes in Muay Thai that has rules against it then you are beyond crazy!!

Tradition was important when information was very scarce and geographically trapped, but now that the information is abundant because of easy access to schools and the interent, we need to be spending our time on analysis, cataloging tactics and techniques by physiological, psychological, and environmental demands.

If you cling to “tradition”, you’ll only be overtaken. MMA is just one of many evolutionary steps Martial Arts have taken in the modern era.


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