The Jeet Kune Do problem and what Bruce Lee was trying to avoid…

In JKD we always hear that JKD is not a style but a method / concept, if so.. then why do we see so many JKD practitioners try and correct others or say to them that they shouldn’t be able to call themselves a JKD practitioners based on who they learned it from? It seems that JKD has now become a style which is what Bruce Lee tried to avoid. Bruce repeatedly and explicitly said over and over that he had to name it ONLY because he wanted to talk to people about JKD.  A lot of the original students have also done exactly what was to be avoided!! They took the teachings as the gospel. The one real truth.

So many teachers say they are teaching “Bruce Lee’s JKD” and not their own JKD…  Not their own understanding but the understanding of a man that they are not and that alone is enough to signify that they missed out on much of the original concept, regardless of how well they move.

I believe it’s also a case of marketing, people trying to promote their way as being legitimate… whilst telling others that they are ” doing it wrong ” which you see all the time in Traditional Martial Art communities and unfortunately that has spilled over to JKD. Bruce Lee simply wanted people to be the best they could and work with their strengths.

JKD is deliberately person-centred. No two humans are the same.
You could probably teach identical twins and get different results.
And people learn their syllabus in different orders, etc.
There are so many variables that a “JKD Critic” can never be right issuing absolute statements.



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