Using feints on the street, good or bad?

Feints and fakes work really well when we have got into the head of our opponent and have got them over thinking about what is going to come.
Feints and fakes tend to work better against a better fighter, as they are trying to figure out what you are doing ahead of you doing it.

However, against a fighter who is not thinking of anything but hitting you or hurting you as much as possible and who does not understand fighting strategies at all like a trained fighter then feints and fakes don’t always register with them.  They will trigger on anything you do, and yes, that is the criteria you are trying to create when utilising fakes and feints, but you want to be careful that you do not pass the advantage of landing first.

All too often you only get one chance to make your first attack or response in a real encounter. We never want to send the message to our attacker that we might know how to fight. We certainly don’t want to get into a fighting stance/square up and proceed with the fight in a sparring type mode. This allows your opponent a chance to know you might be able to fight and it gives them an equal playing field of “who gets there first” often. It’s best to not expose your abilities to your attacker.

Here is the problem with feints and fakes, if they do not work and/or if the person we are trying them on does not react to them and they go on full attack mode at you, the second they see movement from you, you may find that because they didn’t buy into that fake or feint, then you lost that edge that you may have had otherwise! by being able to be first and land the first strike. Landing the first strike and then not letting up is almost the best and most full proof method of insuring your odds that you will win that day.

I believe that you should not try feints and fakes in real time events.


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