The Art of intercepting / Jeet Kune Do

The Art of intercepting is one of the most useful principles when fighting in competition and/or real life fighting. We want to intercept their initial movements just as they are loading up. An interception is based on the opponent initiating the attack or moving in first. Principles like “interception” and hitting on the “half beats” are great ways to take advantage of the energy you saved by not attempting to block instead.

Key components are:
1. Being quick at identifying the opponents movements.
2. To have excellent timing at working within the time you (think, feel or actually see) the opponent move first.
3. To “feel” your opponent! if you wait to process what you are actually seeing your opponent do then it will most likely be too late. To have this sense is something you will develop over time if you work this principle over and over and over until it becomes subconscious.
4. If you are going to apply an interception in combat, then you would most likely want your best weapon out front of you. The quickest way to hit your opponent is to use the weapon that is closest to them.

Interceptions are best accomplished when they have not just landed first, BUT when they are done in a way that they penetrate into the opponent and mess them up, straighten them up and take them out of foundation or have at least created enough of a reaction in them that you have now created a pause in their abilities to react and/or respond.

People often think they are not fast enough to throw intercepting strikes, but when you step into them at the same time they are trying to close on you as you  would have cut the time in half it would have normally taken you to get to them on your own efforts.

You can’t be afraid to commit when trying to intercept, it takes total commitment to the effort. Intercepting works best if you move into them at the exact time that they are initiating their movement towards you. This is very hard for many people to get comfortable with as it defies logic to come into someone’s striking efforts.

The key to making interceptions work well is to try and guess what the person is going to be throwing at you. When you get good at reading the hips, feet, shoulders, hand placement, eyes, etc then the better you will be at determining what the opponent is thinking of initiating. These are all telltale signs that give away the opponents intent before they come at you with something. Another way of also trying to figure out what they are thinking is to use a little fake inward gesture. This often will cause them to twitch and give you a sign of their intentions.

Interceptions work best when you take that straight line delivery and YOU DON’T LOAD UP on the strike.



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