Foot and ankle awareness for Movement practitioners (Martial Artists,dancers,gymnasts etc)


It’s time to be comfortable with the uncomfortable! What I mean is making sure that the feet are strong in different “awkward” positions. If you always train your ankle in the “ideal” “perfect” “straight forward” environment then your foot will never be prepared for awkward positions which will result in injury. Your ankle depends on how your foot interacts with the ground.

What happens at the ankle is merely an artefact of how the foot responds. Your feet can manipulate to the environment. Feet can bend to the terrain.
Feet awareness is very vital when moving, jumping, landing etc When you don’t have good foot awareness and you don’t know where and how you are going to land then that will result in injury. Or if your foot can’t balance after landing then that will result in injury as well. This foot awareness is kinaesthetic, spatial, and temporal. It is all sensory.

A lot of people think it’s just about the muscles in the lower leg… if you only do strength exercises for the muscles of the lower leg like shin raises, calf raises for example, they do not address the interconnectedness of the entire body.
Awareness and balance. These abilities extend beyond the foot itself.





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