Bruce Lee and his “cult-like” following

To me Bruce Lee is a Legend and his philosophy changed me as a person, but there is one thing that annoys me a lot and it’s not about Bruce Lee, there seems to be a new Myth about him nearly every single day by his cult following. He has some sort of strange mystique about him by nearly every overly obsessive fan who writes about him and reveres to him as the GOD of Martial Arts or even a GOD himself and to so many people it seems he had super natural abilities. Which is something Bruce would have HATED!

I, like so many others , millions even! were heavily influenced by Bruce Lee and has had a huge positive impact on the Martial Arts, no doubt about that. He had an amazing persona and his skill level was unlike anything I had ever seen, that is until you start expanding your knowledge and watching and researching other Martial Artists and see that there are people with far better techniques and faster but you better never mention that to a Bruce Believer.

I’ve watch thousands of Martial Arts videos online and read countless comments, and from what I can see on Martial Art Youtube videos/comments and Martial Art Fb groups etc is that there’s a massive cult following who say that Bruce Lee is to so many “The best Martial Artist ever” and that no one would have been able to beat him because he was either the fastest and strongest person ever to have lived and that no one, even by today’s standards could beat him in a fight, which is absolutely hilarious.

So many people tend to dismiss that the video’s of him filmed with old cameras aren’t sped up even though they are obviously sped up because of the terrible FPS they glitch and skip constantly, even Brandon Lee as 3 year old looks inhumanely fast in the footage. This isn’t saying that Bruce wasn’t fast, he definitely was but he wasn’t inhumanely fast. If you watch his footage as linked in HD here he isn’t impossibly fast and he didn’t have the greatest technique, especially when punching the bag.

On another note, these extreme fans who replicate his techniques and want to be “The next Bruce Lee” are doing what he didn’t want people to do! especially with Jeet Kune Do, they are literally just copying his movements with ZERO intent behind them. According to Steve Golden who was Bruce’s student at his first school he mentions in this podcast on “Dudes of Kung Fu” at 36:03 onwards that Bruce  Lee walked right up into his face and said to him “You better not, under any circumstances do what Bruce Lee does or you’re going to get hurt”. I wish he could do that to all of his overly obsessive fans.

In the 60s and 70s there was a huge fascination with Eastern culture and Eastern mysticism. This was when Bruce Lee was at his most famous and with his untimely death combined with the mysticism surrounding him it made Bruce a Legend but he would have absolutely hated they way people have turned him in to some kind of GOD.

People will blindly believe blindly believe whatever, no need for evidence and no need to argue with them as they have their mind set.



One thought on “Bruce Lee and his “cult-like” following

  1. SO true and its just gettig out of hand with the ridiculous fables and claims. I have been and still am a huge fan but these days i wince when i see or read ridiculous made up nonsense that just ruins the Legend of Bruce Lee like misquotes; commercializing and photo and video editing enhancements. This all causes conflicts which contradicts what he was teaching.

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